Etaline EL2 Ruck Inline Centrifugal duct fan

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Etaline EL250 is compatible with TES 0145 & TEE 015
Etaline EL315, EL400 & EL450 is compatible with TES 035 & TEM 035
Etaline EL355 is compatible with TES 075 & TEM 075

The Ruck range of inline centrifugal duct fans are suitable for a variety of applications,including workplace air extraction, laboratory ventilation, and the ventilation of production sites and storage facilities.

Etaline E fans are available in a number of different sizes, and are incredibly energy efficient. In fact, they have almost twice the efficiency of standard duct fans.

The compact dimensions and integrated mounting foot of the Etaline E Ruck Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans help to simplify the installation process; whilst good sealing and optimum aerodynamics ensure quiet operation. Please note these fans have plastic impellers.

E2 = 2 Pole -Single Phase - 220v - 240v / 50Hz

E4 = 4 Pole -Single Phase - 220v - 240v / 50Hz


  • 50% Increase in Fan efficiency
  • 30% Reduction of energy requirement
  • Preserves the environment
  • Diagonal fan for duct installation
  • To secure the Inline fan a Fast Clamp is required, the fan does not fit directly into ducting
  • Despite the superior product features, the Etaline E Inline fan is astonishingly inexpensive

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