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Tumble drying tips you need to know

Install a tumble dryer in a kitchen and you need to considera ventilation solution at the same time. Without flexible ducting and a directsource of ventilation linked to the outside, excess heat and moisture will soonbuild inside the room.

We have everything you need to provide a suitableventilation solution for your tumble dryer at Ducting Online. Our ductingkits are a practical and affordable solution, and they’re very simple toinstall.

Once installed, you’ll be able to start tumble dryingstraight away and no longer have to worry about wet clothes lingering aroundthe house. Just take care when you are using a tumble dryer and follow thisadvice to avoid potential problems.

Look at those carelabels

Would you toss dirty clothes into a washing machine withoutreading the care label first? Most people like to check the labels on clothingto ensure they are being washed at the right temperature. Use a tumble dryerand the same level of care should be taken. Read the label and look for a logothat tells you if it is safe to dry the garment in a tumble dryer.

Common tumble drylogos in the UK include:

  • Square with blank circle in the middle – Garment can be tumble dried
  • Square with circle in the middle and two dots – High heat setting
  • Square with circle in the middle and one dot – Low heat setting
  • Square with circle in the middle and cross through – Do not tumble dry


Carefully check the label before you place anything in atumble dryer. Look at the symbols and make sure you are fully aware of the careinstructions. Fail to do this and don’t be too surprised if garments sufferfrom shrinkage.

Lighten the load

Don’t place too many wet items into the tumble dryer. Packthem in too tightly and your clothes will take longer to dry meaning you’ll usemore energy and waste money. When you place clothes in the dryer check theyhave enough space for warm air to circulate around them. This will improve theefficiency of the drying process.

De-lint frequently

When you load the dryer up with wet garments spare a fewseconds to remove lint from around the door. In particular, wipe the filter onthe door to prevent lint from clogging this area, it’s a simple action but itwill ensure the dryer works to the best of its abilities.

With adequate ventilation and by following a few simple tipsyou’ll soon become a tumble drying guru.Don’t hesitate to get in touchwith us at Ducting Online should you require a tumble dryer kit or any type ofventilation solution.

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