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Tips to tackle moisture in your kitchen

One of our previous blogs broached the subject of kitchen ventilation, it explained the importance of ensuring your kitchen is well-ventilated and highlighted what might happen if this wasn’t the case.

We thought we’d explore this idea in greater detail during this next blog post from Ducting Online. This time we consider the ways you can improve ventilation in kitchens to prevent moisture and humidity becoming an issue.

How to stop your kitchen steaming up

  • Ventilate tumble dryers
  • Use cooker hoods
  • Place lids on pans
  • Switch kettles off sooner
  • Utilise natural ventilation
  • Check air vents

Tumble dryers

Drying clothes over the winter isn’t easy. You’ve lost a natural ally. You can’t hang clothes outside to dry, this leaves you with the great indoors and this often causes problems with condensation.

Tumble dryers are one solution. They’re good for drying towels and clothes, just check the label first. Make sure your dryer is adequately ventilated though. Ideally your dryer should be ducted to an outside vent, this removes heat and moisture from the room.

Cooker hoods

Boil food on the hob and this creates a high degree of steam.

Turn cooker hoods on before you start boiling pasta though and this lessens the impact. Leave the hood on for a while after you finish cooking to remove the excess steam.

Use lids on pans

Cover pans when you are boiling food on the hob. Left uncovered they produce large quantities of steam.

Put a lid on things and this should lessen the impact of steam, switch on the cooker hood at the same time to keep moisture build-up to the bare minimum.

Turn off kettles sooner

Do you wait until the kettle switches itself off when you feel like a brew? Change this habit. As soon as you start to see the kettle boil kill the switch and prevent steam building up in the room.

Use natural ventilation where possible

Basic solutions are just as effective too. You could open windows or doors to let steam out of your kitchen. It might feel a little fresh but at least there won’t be a high volume of moisture streaming down your kitchen surfaces.

Unclog air vents

Go around checking air vents in your kitchen. Look for blockages or debris that might be preventing the vents working to their best ability. Keep them clear to let steam escape.

Kitchens are prone to excess moisture. Use these tips from Ducting Online to keep steam from your home.

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