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The Differences between Extractor Fans

If youíre considering a new bathroom, utility room, kitchen or even toilet in either a domestic or commercial property there are certain regulations that youíll need to follow. One unavoidable regulation is for the installation of an extractor fan. However, with such a vast number of extractor fans available to buy, how do you know which is the right one to choose?

There are three principal types of extractor fans. Every model can be categorised as either an axial, centrifugal or inline extractor fan. Each should always be appropriately installed in the property into a wall, with the ducting located on the exterior of the property. Installation will demand that you cut a hole, the size of the fan in the wall to allow the air to be extracted. Many professionals agree that axial fans are the best suited to installation.

Centrifugal Fans

Generally used in properties that require elongated ducting, centrifugal fans are popular in commercial and industrial environments across the UK. They work by turning the air through a 90 degree bend within the fan itself. This increases air pressure, and hence the power of the fan. One principal drawback of centrifugal fans is that they are generally considered to be very noisy, compared to their inline and axial counterparts. Those that intend to install extractors in the ceiling should consider centrifugal fans.

Inline Fans

Inline fans can, technically be categorised as either axial or centrifugal. They are, however, NOT installed on walls and ceilings, but the void or loft space above a ceiling. More powerful than centrifugal fans, they are also highly capable of providing high performance ducting over long distances.

Axial Fans

Generally speaking, axial fans are considered to be the most common type of extractor. Found in a wealth of different environments, they are typically placed on a wall, with ducting leading straight outside. Common axial fans are mounted on the walls.

Additional Solutions

Some fans can be installed into window cavities. However, those considering employing this method should be aware that a specific window kit will be required. Always make sure that you purchase a fan that can be mounted on the window, otherwise all you will accomplish is wasting a lot of money. Given the energy efficiency offered by most windows, an increasing number of window fans are considered to be outdated and redundant.

These are just a few of the different types of extractor fans that can be used. If youíre considering installing an extractor of any sort, itís wise to seek professional guidance prior to purchase to make sure that you purchase the right fan for your environment.

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