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Kitchen Ventilation

Whether weíre talking about large well-equipped catering kitchens or smaller home kitchens, ventilation systems are vitally important in maintaining safe and comfortable working environments.

But what would happen if the ventilation wasn't there, and what risks would we expose ourselves to? Letís take a look at what a properly fitted ventilation system should achieve.

Removal of fumes

Cooking can produce fumes and vapours which are potentially very toxic if inhaled, and a properly fitted ventilation system is able to remove these fumes from the source, reducing their build-up before they become a problem.

Fume extraction is made more efficient by fitting a canopy hood as close to the cooking appliance as possible.

Removal of heat

A hot kitchen environment is a stressful kitchen environment, and itís important to prevent the risk of overheating. Thatís why a ventilation system must also remove excess hot air and introduce cool air.

Air replacement

Effective ventilation should also replace any extracted air with fresh, clean air Ė this is especially important for kitchens with gas-fired appliances which require clean air for the process of combustion.

This Ďmake-upí air is required to avoid any complications arising from incomplete combustion or the accumulation of carbon monoxide and other harmful combustion products.

Efficiency and safety

Over time, contaminants in the air can lead to a build up in the ventilation system. You might notice that the system doesn't operate as well as it should, and the kitchen atmosphere may become very difficult to regulate.

Dirt and grease can also accumulate in ventilation ducting and extraction systems, and the failure to clean and remove this build up can pose a very serious fire hazard.

A properly designed ventilation system will be designed in such a way as to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.


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