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Common air conditioning myths debunked

There are a lot of air conditioning myths circulating, some of which are closer to the truth than others. But for those with little to no experience with air conditioning, it can be hard to tell the truth from the myth.

Thatís why weíve put together a short list of air conditioning myths.

For efficiency, leave it on Ė There are some out there that think leaving the AC unit running through the day, rather than constantly turning it off and on is more efficient. But this is rarely the case. More often than not turning it off is the most sensible option.

Your ceiling fan will cool the room Ė Many believe that by purchasing and installing a ceiling fan, theyíre adding something thatíll help keep a room cool. Unfortunately though, it isnít true. All a fan does is moves air around your room, which produces a wind chill factor. This is beneficial if someone is in the room. But if youíre just leaving it on thinking itíll make it cooler while youíre out, youíre wrong. Itís just wasting energy.

Donít check it unless thereís an issue Ė Itís easy to just leave your air conditioning to it and neglect regular checkups. Why fix something that isnít broken? Well if youíre looking for an efficient air conditioning system, you must make sure itís regularly cleaned and serviced. Things like a clogged filter can impact performance.

They generate fresh air Ė Despite the popular belief, air conditioning units donít generate fresh air. They actually refrigerate the air within a room using a compound called a refrigerant that is held within a coil. The air conditioning unit will evaporate the compound making the room colder.

If you have a question about your AC unit, or suspect it isnít working to the best of its abilities, you can contact us here. Weíre always happy to help in any way we can!

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