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4 points to muse when you buy spray booth filters

Spray booth filters are one of the many products we supply at Ducting Online, our products are used in paint shops and car prep bays around the country and we like to think we supply some of the finest filters to our customers.

Stop and consider the importance of filters in spray booths for a moment and you begin to realise how vital they are, without them air isnít filtered effectively and this is detrimental to health and wellbeing.

This blog explores the importance of filters for spray booths and examines some of the considerations you might want to make if you intend to work in a booth at some point in the future.

How long are the filters designed to last? Thereís a certain timeline involved when you are using filters in spray booths, once they become clogged they are going to have to be replaced. You can reduce the timescale involved by purchasing good quality filters that are designed to last anywhere up to 3 Ė 5 times longer than standard types of products and this is something we specialise in at Ducting Online.

  1. Do the filters improve air quality? Obviously the main purpose of filters is to remove dust and particles prior to air being vented outside. However, filters help to purify the air that enters the spray booth as well, they should help to improve your working conditions and create a clean working environment.
  2. Are the filters user-friendly? Once fitted do the filters work without any problems, are they easy to access and simple to replace? Filters need to be friendly from a userís point of view, our pleated style filters for example help to capture over-spray efficiently and theyíre ever so simple to replace and update.
  3. Are they compatible with most coatings? Run a busy spray booth and you might working with different coatings on a daily basis. Therefore itís good to know the filters you have just installed work with any type of coating, if they favour some more than others how do you know the air is being filtered effectively?

We stock filters that are designed specifically for spray booths at Ducting Online, give us a try, youíll find all of our filtration systems are environmentally-friendly products.

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