TT 100dia Mixed Flow Fan

TT 100dia Mixed Flow Fan

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(Code: TT 100mm)
In-Line Hydroponic TT Vents Fan 100mm dia
£ 19.99

Environmentsthat attract a lot of condensation, such as bathrooms, kitchens, andhydroponics growing rooms, require a fan that can cope with the demands placedon it.

The InlineHydroponic TT Vents Fan measures 100mm in diameter, and uses mixed flowtechnology for extra pressure development and is capable of longer duct runs.

The fan has abuilt-in mounting foot, making it easier to install, and its IP rating of IPX4means it is protected from splashes of water.

This TT fan hassimple live, neutral, and switched live electrical connections. It also has thermalprotection in order to prevent motor burnout, and long-life ball bearingmotors. Please note that airflow is reduced when this fan is used with a carbonfilter.


  • 100mm, 4” diameter
  • 187 m3/h (metres cubed p/hour)
  • 51 l/s (litres p/second)
  • 110 cfm (cubic feet p/minute)
  • 220-240 Vac 50/60Hz UK & European Mains AC Voltage
  • 33 Watts
  • 0.2 Amps
  • Noise level of 35 dB(A) at a 3m distance from fan
  • Removable fan for ease of cleaning

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