TDS - Silent Mixed Flow Inline Fan

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TDS - Silent Mixed Flow Inline Fans
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With a whirringmotor and air rushing through the propellers, fans can often be a bit on thenoisy side. In commercial environments where there are many fans, this can leadto a lot of excess noise.

The TD Silentseries of fans from Soler & Palau are made with sound-absorbent insulationwhich makes them extremely quiet.

This range ofmixed-flow fans are manufactured from plastic and have a specially designedinternal skin which directs sound waves at the right angle, allowing them to becaptured and absorbed by the insulating material.

This model isavailable in a number of different sizes, and offers the perfect ventilationsolution in places where people work or rest and noise level must be kept to aminimum.

The TDS SilentMixed Flow Inline Fan also allows you to access the internal parts for easyservicing and maintenance without needing to remove it from the main ducting.

The connectionbox can be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate an easy connection to the powercable.

2 Pole - SinglePhase 220 - 240v / 50Hz

(Motors IP44)

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