Sputnik - Multi Inlet Outlet

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Sputnik - Multi Inlet Outlet
  1. #Description#

    All sputniks (Multi Outlets) are made to specific job requirements.

    Please use the drop down box to select the main diameter and then when adding to the cart a "Special Requirements" box will appear.  Plase use this to add your requirements. i.e 2x 150 and 2x 100 etc..  

    - Are manufactured using the best quality galvanised steel.
    - Prices are based on a basic sputnik with 3 or 4 outlets.
    - Spigots on the sputnik are all small end to suit flexible hose or spiral tube.

    Due to the many different possible size requirements, we do not stock this item.  Lead time is usually 1 to 2 days.

  2. #Technical Data#

    This section will be updated soon.

  3. #Direction of use#

    This section will be updated soon.