Soler & Palau TCBB 355/4 H - IP44

Soler & Palau TCBB 355/4 H - IP44

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TCBB Series Case Axial Industrial Fan - 355mm - 4 Pole - Single Phase
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  1. #Description#

    The TCBB is a very popular fan with a wide range of uses.   Its most common use is in commercial kitchens.

    Max Duty - 2462 m3/hr
    Max Power Absorbed - 120W

    The S&P Cylindrical Short Cased Axial Fans feature, as the name suggests, an extremely compact design created by the combination of an internal rotor motor with factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub.

    This very low profile design optimises airflow performance whilst minimising noise generation. The Compact Cased Axial Fan series require an absolute minimum of space for any given duct mounted installation.

    Designed to be installed in-line within a ducted ventilation system; the Compact Cased Axial

    Fan series are suitable for use within a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial ducted ventilation applications.

  2. #Technical Data#

  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.