PPU - Polyurethane Flame Retardant/Anti-Static Flexible Hose

PPU - Polyurethane Flame Retardant/Anti-Static Flexible Hose

(Code: PPU)
A permanently anti-static and flame retardant polyurethane flexible ducting Hose.
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  1. #Description#

    A highly flexible clear Anti-Static Flame Retardant polyurethane ducting hose.
    Abrasion proof polyurethane; microbe resistant, good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals and low temperature flexibility.
    Flame retardant conforming to DIN4102-B1; Permanently anti-static wall: electrical and surface resistance in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU.
    Manufactured from tape designed; spring steel wire integrated in wall, extruded tape; special premium ester-polyurethane.

    Flexible Hose works best when its under tension and is therefore measured and cut when stretched, for example if you have a connection that requires 3 mtrs of Flex but you would like a bit of movement then you would need to order 4mtrs not 3mtrs.
    Diameters available from 51mm to 300mm
    Temperature range: -40C to +90C, short time to +125C approx.
    Ideally suited for extraction of abrasive materials such as wood waste, metal filings, dust, powders and granuals.
    Flexible hose is a Large End fitting.
    Sold by the mtr, maximum length on a coil of flex is 10 mtrs
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  2. #Technical Data#

    This information will be updated soon.

    #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.