Phenolic Circular / Croc Strip

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Phenolic Circular / Croc StripPhenolic Circular / Croc Strip

The fire performance of Phenolic foam is exceptional.  It combines zero flame spread a very low level of toxic gas emissions.
  • The Phenolic Flat Strip can also provide:-
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics
  • Resistant to moisure absorption
  • CFC-free to comply with environmental restrictions
  • Significantly better insulation than wood or calcium silicate
  • Non-fibrous
  • Excellent chemical, mould and vermin resistance
  • Aluminium foil vapour barrier jacket with low emissivity
  • Suitable for clean air industries such as food and pharmaceutical
Comes in three sizes:

PHEN-CR25 - 25mm Thick x 50mm Wide x 36mtrs
PHEN-CR38 - 38mm Thick x 50mm Wide x 30mtrs
PHEN-CR50 - 50mm Thick x 50mm Wide x 24mtrs