NEW - Rolled Edge Sliding Blast Gate

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Rolled Edge Sliding Blast Gate
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  1. #Description#

    We have now designed a new improved sliding blast gate for sizes ranging from 80mm dia upto 300mm

    These have been designed by ourselves to provide an cheaper more efficient alternative to cast alloy blast gates. 

    The RSWBG is very robust and designed to be used on a regular basis.  Can be fixed in horizontal ducts or vertical ducts. (See direction of use)

    Due to its clever and simple design, when you open the gate, any dust that gets trapped between the blade and the body is discharged, in turn this means the blade will not get stuck like traditional gates.

    We manufacture these using only the highest quality galvanised steel. 

  2. #Technical Data#

    This section will be updated soon.
  3. #Direction of use#

    When installing please make sure there is room for the gate to slide in both directions.

    More direction of use will be added at a later date.