Local Exhaust Ventilation Test

Local Exhaust Ventilation Test

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LEV - Local Exhaust Ventilation
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  1. #Description#
    The cost of the LEV test will depend on many different variants.
    • How many Extraction Systems are on site
    • How many machines that require testing
    • High or Low level ducting to be tested
    • Distance required travelling to and from your premises
    • Times required to complete the LEV report

    What is an LEV

    Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is known as a method of managing and decreasing the direct exposure of employees to airborne dirt, dust, fumes and vapors which may be hazardous to their health and well being. An example of this could be where an employee is operating a table saw which produces dust from the materials that are being cut.
    A Local Exhaust Ventilation system would remove the vast majority of that airborne dust through a hood connected to ducting that has suction provided by a fan. This system would extract the local area and discharge it in to a larger filtration system.

    Do I need an LEV

    Under the current Health and Safety at Work acts of 1974 plus regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, regulations state that any Local Exhaust Ventilation System must be maintained in an effective working order and in good repair. This covers any LEV system that removes airborne dust or fumes. By ensuring that your LEV systems meet all the current Health and Safety regulations your not only protecting your staff but your also protecting your company in the event that a member of your workforce becomes injured while carrying out their duties.
    Local Exhaust Ventilation Maintenance plays a vital role in protecting your staff, your business and in extending the life of your LEV plant while also maintaining performance capabilities.

    How often do I need to update my LEV

    All LEV systems must be examined and tested at least every 12 Months although some systems require more frequent testing depending upon their usage and processes. We can advise you on how often your particular system needs to be examined. COSHH Regulation 9 also states that a record must be kept of all checks, faults, maintenance, service and repairs.

    What does an LEV test involve

    Upon arrival a visual inspection of the entire system is made to check for obvious  signs of damage, broken/faulty parts. Once this has been completed the engineer will need to use specialist air testing equipment to check the system is performing to the required level that the Local Exhaust System was designed for. This part of the LEV test is carried out with the system running in a normal working state, so that our engineer can test the extraction points on hoods that are fixed on to each machine. If any part of your system should fail then our engineer can advise you of any action that can be taken, he will also be able to order and install any replacement parts to ensure that your LEV system can be given a pass.

    Why Choose us

    With the current Health and Safety laws you shouldn't leave anything to chance when it comes to protecting your staff within the work place. Making sure that your LEV systems are fully compliant with all the H&S regulations also helps to protect your company from injury claims made by your staff.
    Our clients range from small to large workshops including schools, hospitals and several HMP sites.

    Services Provided
    • Commissioning Sites
    • Decommissioning Sites
    • Consultancy
    • Process of Elimination Trouble Shooting
    • Servicing 
    • Supply and Installation of Replacement Parts
    Charges for an Local Exhaust Ventilation Test
    • £45.00 per hour travelling to and from site and all time spent completing the LEV on the day plus paperwork
    • £0.50 per mile travelling to and from site
    If you have any questions please call our Sales Help Line on 01628 525290 and we will be happy to assist you.
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    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.