Kitchen / Bathroom Fan Standard M 100dia

Kitchen / Bathroom Fan Standard M 100dia

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Kitchen / Bathroom Extractor Fan Standard M
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  1. #Description#
    Vents Standard 100M  Bathroom Extractor Fan

    Quiet running, only 34 dB(A) @ 3m!!
    Voltage 220 / 240
    Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
    Fitted with a butterfly action shutter.
    Meets building regulations.
    98 m3/hour airflow capacity
    100dia model available
    Ideal for toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms etc.

    The Vents Standard M Bathroom Fan is Low Noise, Low Energy Classic Bathroom Extractor Fan will suit any modern contemporary bathroom or anywhere where a classic look is desired.

  2. #Technical Data#

  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.