JC - Jet Cone

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JC - Jet Cone 
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  1. #Description#

    The design of the JC Jet cone (cowl) allows for the exhausted air to disperse high into the atmosphere. 

    An inner cone prevents rain from entering ductwork even when the system is not running.

    Other features:-
    - Easy to Install
    - Three Angle brackets for guide wire attachment.
    - On Large Sizes the angle brackets are designed to double up as handling points.
    - Low pressure loss
    - Disperses Air up & away, unlike a DH weather cowl that deflects the exhausted air back down.  This decreases the possibility that exhaust fumes present a nuisance to neighbouring buildings etc.
    -Using a jet cone often means a vertical duct can be shorter than it would otherwise need to be with a standard cowl.

    The jet cone fits directly into our spiral pipe. 

    Often used on welding or spray painting booths.

  2. #Technical Data#

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  3. #Direction of use#

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