Hydroponics Kit VKO1T 100dia with Timer

Hydroponics Kit VKO1T 100dia with Timer

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Hydroponics Kit 100dia with Timer
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Hydroponics is the practice of growing plantswithout soil, via the use of a mineral and nutrient rich water solutioninstead, which enables plants to be grown indoors. In order to compensate for thelack of natural sunlight, grow lamps are typically used to synthesise thephotosynthesis process that all plants go through.

The lamps usedin your hydroponics set-up will generate a fair amount of heat, so it’simportant to ventilate the space in order to prevent fires from occurring. Our ventilation ducting kits are designed to beused with your hydroponics equipment,allowing you to maintain a safe operation and prevent your plants from undueharm.

Here at DuctingOnline we supply a wide range of ducting and ventilation products for a varietyof applications, including this ventilation kit designed to be used with hydroponic growing systems. It has thefollowing specifications and features:

High Quality 4" (100mm) diameter -Hydroponics Ducting Kit(DOHK - 100 VKO 1T)

The ventilation kit is equipped with a regulatedtimer, with the operating time programmable from 2 to 30 minutes. The kit alsoincludes:

100dia Carbon Filter 250mm long

100dia VKO 1tk Inline Fan

100dia Jubilee

100dia Aluminium foil, flex x 2.5mtrs

AFDT - Silver Tape 50mm



The premium activated carbon filter is 100mm 4” in diameter, and 250mmlong. It has an 18 month life span under normal operating conditions, and thereis a pre-filter included in the kit. The extra virgin activated carbon pelletsenable better airflow, whilst the 0.1 second contact time ensures 100% odourremoval.

The multi-plyaluminium foil ventilation ducting is very flexible and hard-wearing. It ispuncture resistant, and fully operational in temperatures ranging from -30°C to140°C. Available in lengths of 5m and10m, it is manufactured to EU standard EN13180 and fire resistant in line withBS 476 which greatly reduces the risk of flames and smoke spreading todifferent rooms in the event of a fire.

The VKO1T fanhas 100mm 4" diameter duct connections, and up to 137 m3/hour airflowrate. The run-on timer is adjustable inside from 2 to 40 minutes (an additionallive switch is required), and has 16 watts of running current. The fan has anoise level of 37 db(A) at a 3m distance, and an IP rating of IPX4 which meansthat it is also protected from splashes of water.