Everflex Galva Mate Sealant

High Velocity Solvent free Duct Sealant 
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  1. #Description#
    Everflex Galva Mate Sealant is a high-performance solvent free adhesive and sealant specifically designed for sealing high-velocity duct work in heating and ventilation systems.
    • Conforms to DW142 / DW144
    • Wide service temperature range
    • 295 ml  Cartridge
    • Adheres to galvanised and stainless steel surfaces
    • Excellent slump resistance
    • Remains permanently flexible.
    • Quick skinning and curing. 
    • Contains a high level of fungicide to prevent mould
    • Overpaintable when cured.
  2. #Technical Data#

  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.