Etamaster EM EC  01

Etamaster EM EC 01

(Code: Etamaster EM EC 01)
Etamaster EM EC 01

Available in 150dia, 200dia, 250dia, 315dia & 355dia 

  1. #Description#

    Internalelectronic temperature control
    Plastic housing
    Integrated electronics
    EC Motor Variables Speed Control
    Including mounting brackets
    Mixed-Flow Impeller with stator

    The Ruck® ETAMASTER inline tube fan (EM EC series)has an energy-efficient EC motor, this EC motor can be operated with variablespeed control. The Etamaster inline tube fan from Ruck® can be mounted directlyon a tube, but we recommend the corresponding Ruck® fast clamp to reducevibrations and noise through the duct.

    The Etamaster has a built-in thermal switch toprevent burn out. In addition, the inline tube fan is equipped with aMixed-Flow impeller with stator, as a result of which the fan will stillproduce a low sound level at a high flow rate. The EM EC series is availablewith capacities ranging from 780 m3/h to a maximum of 5700 m3/h and withdiameters ranging from 150 mm to a maximum of 400 mm respectively.

  2. #Technical Data#

  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.