DOSK 100 TT -Inline Bathroom/Shower TT Extract Fan 4" Kit

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DOSK 100 TT -Inline Bathroom/Shower TT Extract Fan 4" KitDOSK - 100 TT- 100mm Shower/Bathroom Turbo Extract Fan Kit

In line TT Mixed Flow Fan.
Ceiling mounted adjustable grille.
Aluminium flexible ducting, 3m length.
In-line back draft shutter to mount to the back of the fan.
Wall/soffit mounted white grille with insect mesh.
2 x Jubilees

TT Fan Specification

 High pressure mixed flow impeller.
 Built-in mounting bracket.
 Removable & reversable central fan section
 UK plug & lead NOT suppled. Please use a minimum of 1.0mm, 2-core lighting flex and a 3amp UK plug
 (earth is not required as TT fans are double insulated)
 4" dia - 187 m3/hour
 100mm 4" duct connections
 Single speed
 187 m3/hour airflow rate
 33w running current
 35 dB(A) sound pressure level @3m