DF Red Silicone Master Flash

DF Red Silicone Master Flash

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Silicone Master Flash Roof Seal in Red
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  1. #Description#
    • Made from Silicone.
    • Offers Maximum Resistance to Weathering
    • Fast One Piece construction allows for easy on-site installation
    • Listed with IAPMO certification 3121
    • Advanced OZONE resistance tested to 70 hrs @ 500 pphm
    • Tensile Set: 5 MPa (700 psi)
    • Compression Set maximum: 50%
    • Intermittent +260C (+455F)
    • Continuous +225C (+437F)

    The soft aluminium base is designed to form a seal on most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location.

    The Master Flashes flexible design meets virtually all roofing needs, the Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion and contraction. The soft aluminium base easily conforms to roof panels. Master Flash was used to create a new engineering standard for profiled roofing by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (for the uniform plumbing code) and remains the only product listed. These products are also listed for use with Type B Vents. The addition of fire retarding agents milled directly into the rubber compound created a self extinguishing feature which enables it to be used with Type B vents.

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  3. #Direction of use#

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