Clip Duct Auto Pneumatic Damper

Clip Duct Auto Pneumatic Damper

(Code: CPNE)
Clipped Pneumatic Gate / Damper
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  1. #Description#

    Pneumatic Damper a Solid Construction Heavy Duty Clipped Damper

    > Body is 1.5mm Thick

    > Blade is 2.5mm Thick

    > Spigot is 1.0mm Thick

    Advantages of Pneumatic Clipped Dampers. AC/DC 24V/240V

    > Control Valves with Silencers and Air Exhaust Adjustment
    > Cylinders Equipped with Magnets ready Reed Contracts
    > Reed Contacts available for all sizes
    > All Dampers are equipped with 2 White Teflon Gaskets from 80mm to 200mm there are 2 additional seals
    > Payback time of Investment is short
    > Energy will be preserved
    > The working environment will be cleaner
    > Long Lifespan
    > Easy to Install
    > High Dependability
    > Dampers can be fitted with Micro-Switch or other control devices
    > Very low sound level

  2. #Technical Data#

    Pneumatic Automatic Gate Dimensions

    Pneumatic Automatic Gate Dimensions Table

  3. #Direction of use#