Buddy UK Vacuum for Power Tools

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DO Buddy UK Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.
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  1. #Description#
    The Buddy is a compact powerful industrial vacuum that was designed to be used with electric or Air Powered tools for dust free operation from sanding or grinding etc.

    The On-board micro processor allows the automatic start / stop of the vacuum one the attached hand tool is engaged.

    The intelligent Filter Cleaning System (IFCS) automatically cleans the filter when needed.

    The DO Buddy Vacuum is also great for wood floor refinishing concrete grinding and everyday general cleanup.

    • Heavy Duty Molded polypropylene housing.
    • 230v 50Hz plug and go operation.
    • 2000 Watts outlet for remote hand tools
    • Pneumatic Air Connection for Air Powered Tools
    • Auto Start/Stop when hand tools are operated.
    • Automatic (IFCS) Cleaning System
    • Disposable pre-filter bag to protect main cartridge filter.
    •  32mm x 2.5m of Vacuum Hose and cuffs.
  2. #Technical Data#
    • Power:1400 Watts
    • Tools outlet:2000 Watts
    • CFM:127 CFM (215 m3/h)
    • 1st Filter:Disposable Bag Filter
    • 2nd FilterPolyester Cartridge Filter
    • Filter Efficiency:99% @ < .5 microns
    • Waste Capacity:37 Litres
    • Inlet:32mm
  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.