Hydroponics 100dia Euro Ducting Kit

Hydroponics 100dia Euro Ducting Kit

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Hydroponics 100dia Euro Ducting Kit
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  1. #Description#

    Growing plants indoors with the absence of soil and sunlight is possible with a hydroponics growing system. A grow lamp simulates sunlight, while a mineral rich water solution provides all the nutrients that plants need to grow and photosynthesise.

    The lamps used in hydroponics systems, as with any other lamp, are liable to overheat if not used and cared for correctly. The excess heat generated by lamps can cause damage to your plants, and could even lead to a fire starting in some circumstances. Its vital that you ventilate the area adequately in order to prevent hazards from occurring.

    Here at DuctingOnline we supply ventilation kits for hydroponics,among other applications. The kit that you see here has a number of key features and specifications, which include the following:

    Hydroponics 100dia Euro Ducting Kit

    This hydroponics ducting kit comes equipped with the following parts:

    100dia Carbon Filter 250mm long

    100dia Euro Inline Fan

    100dia Jubilee

    100dia Aluminium foil flex x 2.5mtrs

    AFDT - Silver Tape 50mm

    Measuring at 100mm 4 in diameter and 250mm in length, the premium activated carbon filter has a lifespan of up to 18 months under normal operating conditions. It includes a pre-filter, and the extra virgin carbon pellets allow for a better airflow. The filter also has a 0.1 second contact time, meaning that all odours are removed fully.

    The ducting tube is made from strong yet flexible aluminium foil, which is multi-ply and puncture resistant. The tube is fully operational in temperatures ranging from-30C to 140C. It is manufactured in accordance with EN131080 and BS 476 which ensures that it is flame resistant and helps to stop the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.

    The Euro inline fan is fitted with a circular duct which is home to axial fans that move the air within the ducts. With and airflow rate of m3/h 100 and a motor rotation of 2650, the fan has an acoustic pressure of dB (A) 40. It runs on a power supply of V/H2 230/50 and 15 watts, and comes boxed but requires a UK plug.

    Carbon Filter:
    Premium activated carbon filter.
    100mm 4 dia, 250mm long.
    18 month life span under normal conditions.
    Pre-filter included.
    Extra virgin activated carbon pellets for better airflow.
    0.1 second contact time to ensure 100% odour removal.

    Aluminium foil:
    Flexible ventilation ducting is very flexible, hard-wearing, multi-ply aluminium foil.
    Puncture resistant.
    -30 to 140 Deg C operating temperature range.
    Available in 5mtr & 10mtr lengths.
    Manufactured to EU standard: EN13180.
    Fire resistant to BS 476. This is an important Building Regulation requirement as it reduces the risk of fire spreading through the duct to different rooms.

    Euro Inline Fan:
    Axial fans are designed to move air within ducts and is fitted within the circular duct
    Airflow: m3/h 100
    Acoustic Pressure: dB (A) 40
    Power Supply: V/H2 230/50
    Motor Rotation: 2650
    Power: W 15 

    Comes boxed but requires a UK plug.   
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    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.