Micro Dust Air Filter - MC 3000

Micro Dust Air Filter - MC 3000

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The MC - 3000 can filter 3000 cubic metres of air per hour and is suitable for 300 cm/2 area on it's own.
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  1. #Description#
    The MC - 3000 has 4 internal 100 watt motors, making this one of the most powerful air filters on the market.   

    The microclene filter can change the air in a 300 m3 work space every hour.

    Several filters can be combined to cover a larger area.

    The dust laden air is filtered through 4 x EU4 grade filters.  

    What Industries use the MC - 3000?

    These filters are used all over the country in different environments; Timber dust is the largest market and some other markets include:-




    ·Metal Grinding

     Technical Details:

    · Power:  4x 100 Watt Motors      240v / 50Hz  Single Phase
    - Cable:Supplied with 6m Lead
    - Fixing:4x Heavy Grade Brackets fitted on top
    - Filters:4x MCF - EU4 Grade Filters 
    - Size:510mm x 510mm x 510mm
    - Weight:35Kg
    - Finish:Powder coated 

    The Filters can also be wired to the lighting circuit.

    It's recommended that the filter box is suspended from the ceiling using wire bond and shackles.
  2. #Technical Data#

  3. #Direction of use#

    We will be adding our installation guide here soon.