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REB - 1N Electronic Single Phase Speed Controller Wall Box

(Code: REB - 1N)

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REB - 1N Electronic Single Phase Speed Controller Wall Box

Centrifugal,axial, and propeller fans are used for a number of different commercialpurposes, including kitchen and bathroom ventilation, smoke control, anddistributing air in enclosed spaces.

Itís not alwaysnecessary to have a fan working to maximum capacity, so itís beneficial to usean electronic single phase controller in order to vary the speed of the fan.

The REB Ė 1N ElectronicSingle Phase Speed Controller Wall Box is suitable for use with the TDand TDSFans.

It is fuseprotected and also comes with a spare fuse included for your convenience. Itfeatures a minimum speed adjustment, as well as a single ON/OFF switch andspeed regulation control knob.


  • Electrical Supply: 50 Hz - 220 - 240 V
  • IP Protection: IP44Maximum Current (A): 1
  • Minimum Current (A): 0.15
  • Class: 11
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0/+40

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