PPE Respair P3V Fold Flat Respirator FFP3 (in 10's)

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PPE Respair P3V Fold Flat Respirator FFP3 (in 10's)Respair P3V Fold Flat Valved Respirator FFP3 (packed in 10's)

Respair FFP3 Respirators have one sole use, protecting the user from solid liquid particles including oil based mists.
  • Recommended Industries are Mining, Construction, Iron/Steel Industries and Welding or Moulding.
  • This FFP3 Respirators best protects against; Wood Dust, Aluminium, Gypsum, Graphite, Magnesium Oxide, Platinum, Coal, Asbestos, Lead, Chrome, Silica, Welding Fumes and many more general hazards.
  • Has been designed with high protection and comfort, lightweight and with adjustable head straps/nose clips to provide an individual fit.
  • Conforms to EN149 2001
  • Boxed in packs of 10
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