KVDD - Wall Bracket

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KVDD - Wall Bracket
  1. #Description#

    The KVDD wall brackets are designed to be utilised with our KVDA split rings.

    KVDD -f is for sizes 80mm upto 315mm
    KVDD -l is for sizes 350mm and above.

    - Best Quality Galvanised Steel construction
    - Easy fit and fast installation.

    KVDA sold separately.


  2. #Technical Data#

    Model L mm Thickness t Width b
    KVDD-f 80mm  to 160mm 65 2.5 28
    KVDD-l  180mm to 315mm 65 2.5 28
    KVDD 350mm  235 3.0 40
    KVDD 400mm  260 3.0  40
    KVDD 450mm  285  3.0  40
    KVDD 500mm 310  3.0  40

    KVDD Wall Bracket KVDD1 Wall Bracket
     Supplied for Duct sizes 80mm to 315mm Dia Supplied for Duct sizes 350mm and Above

    KVDA and KVDD combined KVDA and KVDD1 combined

  3. #Direction of use#

    This will be updated soon.