Hydroponics Kit VKO1Tk 100dia with Timer & Bracket

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Hydroponics Kit VKO1Tk 100dia with Timer & Bracket

Hydroponics is a method for growing plants in the absence of soil and natural lighting. A mineral rich water solution provides all the nutrients that are normally found in soil, whilst a grow lamp compensates for the lack of sunlight, synthesising the natural processes that plants go through.

There are a number of different types of lamp that you can use in your hydroponics system, but all of them will generate excess heat. In order to prevent this heat from damaging your plants or causing a fire, its important to vent the area properly.

At Ducting Online we stock a great selection of ventilation and ducting products for a broad range of applications. The ventilation system you see here is designed to be used with your hydroponic growing kit, and it has a number of key features and specifications as follows:

High Quality 4" (100mm) diameter - Hydroponics Ducting Kit(DOHK - 100 VKO 1T)

This hydroponics ducting kit is equipped with a regulated timer which is programmable from 2 to 30 minutes. Also included in the kit is:


100dia Carbon Filter 250mm long

100dia VKO 1tk Inline Fan

100dia Jubilee

100dia Aluminium foil, flex x 2.5mtrs

AFDT - Silver Tape 50mm


At 100mm 4 in diameter and 250mm long, the premium activated carbon filter has an 18 month life span when used under the advised operating conditions. The kit includes a pre-filter, and extra virgin activated carbon pellets which enable optimal airflow, plus an impressive 0.1 second contact time, which means 100% odour removal.

The ducting tube is made from hard-wearing yet flexible multi-ply aluminium foil. It operates well in temperatures ranging from -30C to 140C, and is puncture resistant for your peace of mind. The tube is available in either 5m or 10m length, and complies fully with EU standard EN13180, and BS 476 which makes it fire resistant and reduces the risk of smoke and flames spreading to other areas.

The VKO1T inline fan has duct connections of 100mm 4 diameter, and provides up to 137 m3/hour airflow rate. The adjustable run-on timer has 16 watts of running current, and can be set between 2 and 40 minutes (an additional live switch is required). The fan has an IP rating of IPX4, meaning it is protected from splashes of water; it also has a noise level of 37db(A) at a distance of 3m.